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In memory of Kellen Flanigan
December 2003-April 2014

Each semester, we award one student in memory of Kellen Flanigan, who exudes joy, dedication and enthusiasm to theatre and to our company.  We started this award in honor of Kellen for his fearless, funny and amazing performances in Family Theatre, Inc.  We will never forget you Kellen!
Recipients of the Kellen Award so far 2015-2019:
Molly Flanigan - Spring 2015
Madi Weissenberg - Fall 2015
Emma Taylor Herschelman - Spring 2016
Kaylie Harley - Fall 2016
Clementine Greely - Spring 2017
Dhru Goud - Fall 2017
McKenna McEveety - Spring 2018
Amelia Paulson - Fall 2018
Max Gorman - Spring 2019 
Renny Flanigan - Fall 2019