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COVID-19 UPDATE: Please donate to our CRSF for special needs and special circumstances fund.  We need more donations to help support the four current cast members receiving the scholarship (Spring 2022).  Our fund for this purpose needs your continued support. 

We would like to expand this program to also offer a college scholarship to a musical theatre student who has been through our program. 

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If you want to donate to the Casey Rohrer Scholarship Fund [CRSF] (for special needs and special circumstances performers), please see levels of donations below.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  

We kindly thank all of our donors and audience members of the Sept. 19, 2015 Benefit.

Click here to see the September 17, 2015 article (The Beach Reporter) about The Casey Rohrer Scholarship fund & our Sept. 19 Benefit

Casey Rohrer, 9th grader, Mira Costa High School

When Casey Rohrer was born, his parents knew there would be a long road ahead.  His umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, causing Casey's brain to be without oxygen. He was quickly diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  As a result, Casey will never be able to speak or walk.  His parents were told that he - "would not live and if he did he would be a complete vegetable" and should be institutionalized.  However, thanks to the support and advocacy of his family and his own persistence, Casey has come a long way.  He just began 9th grade at Mira Costa, after several years at Hermosa Valley.

     Casey is able to communicate with his family and friends with help from a modern machine.  He understands everything his peers do and he has a great sense of humor.  Casey was most recently recognized during his 8th grade graduation speech (Hermosa Valley School).  After landing the role of the Silent King in the 2013 Family Theatre, Inc. production of "Once Upon a Mattress" (story of The Princess & the Pea), Casey wrote his own play.  He sent it to Craig & Suzanne Greely, Family Theatre, Inc.'s owners/directors.  Casey would like to learn how to direct a play.  With your help and generous donations, Casey and other special needs students will find their own voices through programs geared toward their interests.  Casey just finished working on his original play, Once Upon a Road Trip, which is directed by local playwright, Angelo Masino.  You can see his play and support the CRSF on October 29, 2016 in the 2nd Story Theatre. 

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