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Fall 2023 Registration will begin this spring.

If you rehearse on Sundays -- the first rehearsal is in September of 2023 (exact dates tba).

If you rehearse on Wednesdays - the first rehearsal is in September of 2023 (tba).

Fall 2023 Registration:

Email to see if a spot is available. 

Returning students from our 2022-2023 season, please proceed to payment.

If you are new, please wait for confirmation (email us and wait for reply) before proceeding to payment. 

Fall 2023 rehearsals: September-early December 2023

Fall 2023 Performance dates: December 2023

Age range: 6-18 (1st grade to 12th grade)

Space is limited for ages 6-7. 

Note: we will allow a few 5 year olds, but space is very limited (please email us)

Our shows are licensed through Music Theatre International, NY, NY. 


Rehearsal & Show location: Hermosa Beach Community Theatre & classrooms in the main hallway.

710 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach 90254

Staff includes:

Craig & Suzanne Greely, Owners/Directors

Choreographers/Staging: Hillary Lewis, Hope Penner, Caleb White

Additional staff/interns: Sarah, Allyssa, Abby

Each student comes once a week. You choose to rehearse on either Wednesdays --or-- Sundays. 

(you can do makeups on the opposite rehearsal day if needed).

If you choose to rehearse on Wednesdays, here is the schedule:

 (exact dates tba)

Tech week for all cast members is tba.

Show days: each actor assigned 2 show times during this weekend: December 2023

Rehearsal times: Wednesdays: 2:15pm to 5:00pm (all ages)

Students from all school districts can join us on Wednesdays --- or --- Sundays. 

*Note* We have a Wednesday walking program for Hermosa Schools - please email to find out more. 

HVS Wednesday walking program for Fall 2023. 

We walk students from school to the HB Community Center.

Please email us: to confirm if you have a walking spot. 

If you are new for the spring semester, your walking spot is not confirmed until we notify you.

Please email with questions. 
View Wednesday Walking Spots: Priority to returning students. 

(New VIEW students are added to the Wednesday walk waiting list)

Vista Wednesday Walking Spots: Priority to returning students. 

(New VISTA students are added to the Wednesday walk waiting list) 

Valley Wednesday Walking Spots: Priority to returning students. If you are new this semester, email to see if a Valley walking spot is available. 

If you choose to rehearse on Sundays, here is the schedule:

tba (September-early December)(exact dates tba)

Sunday rehearsal times: 

If your child is 9 & under, rehearsal hours on Sundays are: 1:00pm to 4:00pm 

If you child is 10 & up, rehearsal hours on Sundays are: 1:00pm to 5:00pm 

Tech week (all cast members -- Wednesday & Sunday students): (dates tba)

Tech Sunday:  

Tech Monday:  

Tech Tuesday:  

Tech Wednesday:  

Tech Thursday:  

Performance Dates: December 2023  

NOTE: *Spring tuition does not include costume fee and tickets 

(buy any amount of tickets you wish - no minimum required).

Costume fee is typically $65 and up, depending on role(s) and tickets are general seating $15 per person (no minimum amount required).

Fall 2023 Tuition*: 




Email: to reserve your spot. 

Please specify which rehearsal day your child will attend. 

Include child's name, age, school, grade.

If your child has been in our productions, you may go ahead and pay. 

Returning students have priority. 

If you are new to Family Theatre, please wait to hear from us before you send your payment.

Preferred Method of Payment:


If you prefer another payment method such as credit card over the phone or cash, please email us at

Click here for Family Theatre Inc. Credit Card Authorization Form. 

Fill it out and email it Craig & Suzanne Greely at

You will receive an email that we completed your transaction and you will also receive a card reader receipt via email or text. 

See below for refund policy

Coming up next:

Our Spring 2024 production and Summer 2024 Show Camps 


Spring 2023 refund policy: Cancellations must be within 72 hours of purchase. 

Refunds only allowed until September 1, 2023 and will include a $30 admin fee. 

You will receive a show credit for any future production if you cancel after Septembr 1, 2023.